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You should know that we ship by land,air and sea. Orders larger than 20 metric tons always usually will be shipped by sea

Is payment Refundable?

Yes we do make refunds if your payment has not passed the 30 day mark

How long does shipment take?

Shipments normally arrive within 10 days provided no delays are encountered along the way

Are your suppliers verified?

All products listed here on our site have been registered in our ware houses already we buy from suppliers and keep it safe for our customers

Where are you based?

We are located at 1143 Budapest, Ilka Utca 2-4. Hungary.

contact manager is Mr Nicholas Donnie

What is the fastest way to contact you guys?

You can get quick replies by send us an email through our company email or through the contact form in the contact us page.We do get a lot of emails but we will try as soon as possible to get back to you


How is my data stored?

The privacy of our customers is our top priority all customer data is encrypted

What credit cards are supported?

We do support all major cards such as MasterCard and Visa

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