We are cropstockkft

We are the best suppliers of a whole range of commodities.Our customers never run out of supplies as we always deliver on time.

Our products are top grades and they come with certificate of origin.

contact us to get a Quote.Sales Manager:Mr Nicholas Donnie
VAT Number: HU25358726
Registration Number: 0109270553
Address: 1143 Budapest, Ilka Utca 2-4. Hungary


Why Choose Us ?

Our products are top quality and always come with a certificate of origin.


Clients Say?

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We got the shipment on time quality very good.



Our shipment arrived after 10 days of payment, thanks a lot also products have high quality

Hester Perkins

Indiana US

Since i found these guys i have never run out of suppliers for my business thanks once more for always delivering in time

Andrea Curtis


Am so happy to be working with a company like you we are very much satisfied with our product quality

Jackson Diaz

New Mexico

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