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Guaranteed 100% Organic, Seasonal and Locally Grown.

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Pistachio are one of popular ingredients in the Middle-Eastern cuisine. Its kernels are incredible sources of vitmin E, medium chain…


A walnut is the nut of any tree of the genus Juglans, particularly the Persian or English walnut, Juglans regia.…


Whether your wood pellets are made from hardwood sawdust or softwood sawdust will have absolutely no influence whatsoever regarding how…

Crop stock ft The Best Food For You

The Company has accomplished various significant milestones in the path towards becoming a leader in the industry. We have shared our success with our partners and business associates across the globe. Today, we are one of the most successful and preferred business partners in the industry and what makes us unique is our mode of trading.

About Crop stock ft.

We have over 35 years of experience in international trading Due to our vast experience in commodities, we know the markets well and can advise our customers on when the right time is to order. Agro Holdings believes in long term relationships, and wants our customers to feel comfortable asking questions about how the markets are looking or what we think the best available options are.

  • We help our customers find exactly what they are looking for, stay within their budget, and deliver the highest quality products on time.
  • Agro Holding is based in the United States. We supply customers throughout the globe.
  • Agro Holding guarantees impeccable customer service and believes that personal relationships are the key to success.

We are a group of International companies located in different parts of the world with head office at Kassai utca 30. Németkér 7039, Hungary. We have made our self a reputed exporter and supplier of high quality products originated from different parts of the world. We basically deal in a range of products that includes High quality such as Confectionery, Whiskey, Beer, Instant Coffee and Whey Proteins. Over a period of time, our organization has positioned itself in a highly competitive market due to its strategic planning, high quality standards, and cost-effectiveness, sound business policies and prompts delivery. We always adhere to ethical business norms and endeavor to satisfy our valued customers
Our products and service always satisfy customers’ demands no matter how choosy they are. Products are always the best selected of seasons and it is the stance that makes us self-confident. More importantly, we attach much importance to long-term relationship with business partners. We try our best to meet customer’s demands not only for current profits but also for sustainable lucrative partnership.

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